Small Group Violin Lessons

Our unique small-group lessons (3-5 students), provide a friendly and encouraging atmosphere for kids to learn violin. Students love learning alongside their peers! 60-minute lessons allow for a variety of musical activities, keeping students focused and engaged. Concepts are reinforced by playing creative musical games, and participating in group activities. Students in small group violin enjoy all of the benefits of group learning while still receiving plenty of individual attention from the teacher.


  • Lessons are social, dynamic, and fun!

  • A positive peer environment challenges students to do their best.

  • In addition to learning violin, students also develop teamwork and leadership skills.

  • Regular performance opportunities build confidence.

  • Students experience the joy of playing music together!


Small group lessons are 60 minutes long and are limited to 3-5 students per group.

Tuition for small group lessons is $140 a month, and includes weekly 60 minute lessons and the opportunity to participate in two workshops, two recitals, and a summer concert each year.   

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