Rachel Robinson
— piano, violin, guitar

Rachel Robinson is a fun, patient, and creative music instructor with over 20 years of experience teaching music to children and adults. She studied music at the University of Minnesota and Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. In addition to being a teacher, she's also a performing musician, composer, and studio musician.  Music is her life, and she loves teaching and sharing the experience with students and families!


Sean Robinson is a multi-instrumentalist with almost 30 years of performing experience. He has taught both privately, and as an accredited high school teacher, in Everett, Washington, where he was named Outstanding New Art Educator by the Washington Art Education Association (2007) and was a Japan Memorial Fulbright recipient (2007). Sean is a performing musician and songwriter, writing recording and performing on half a dozen instruments for more than two decades. Sean strives to create both a love of music and a personal connection with his students.

Sean Robinson
— songwriting, guitar, flute

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