Online Piano, Violin, Fiddle, Guitar, Drums, and Songwriting Lessons

Melody Tree Studios offers online piano, violin, fiddle, guitar lessons, and songwriting lessons for kids in a positive, encouraging learning environment. Lessons are taught with a student -centered approach, inviting and encouraging kids to take an active role in learning. Students enjoy learning fun music, working one on one with an experienced and enthusiastic instructor.

  • Our online lessons provide a friendly and encouraging atmosphere for students to learn music.

  • Students play fun music that interests them and inspires them to practice and improve.

  • Students become independent learners, develop enhanced responsibility, focus, and self-sufficiency.

  • Online lessons are convenient! Lessons can be scheduled before or after school, when the car isn't available, during another sibling's activity, etc. And there's no commute :-).

  • An overhead camera allows piano students to see my hands and the keys that are being played, and close camera angles allow guitar and violin students to see the details of the hand positions.

  • Students build community, develop performance skills, and have fun participating in online workshops and recitals.

  • Online lessons are FUN! We laugh, play and learn.